SESSION 1. The logic behind hypnobirthing: setting up the foundations. 

  • The origins of Hypnobirthing.

  • The power of the mind and how you can use it during birth.

  • The science bit: understanding how your body changes during pregnancy and how it works during birth. Once you know this, it all makes sense!

  • How to create the best birthing environment for yourself and the importance of your birth partner.


SESSION 2. The techniques: let’s get practical! 

  • Tangible tools to help you relax during pregnancy and all the stages of labour: breathing, visualisations and other relaxation techniques.

  • Practical ways to encourage your baby to turn if they are breech or back-to-back.

  • Perineal massages and pelvic floor exercises: get your body ready for birth!


SESSION 3. Before the birth: building your confidence to make informed decisions. 

  • Recognising and releasing any fears or negative thoughts you may have around birth.

  • Let’s talk due dates, sweep and inductions: knowing what happens and how to make informed decisions.

  • How to feel confident and in control when communicating with birth professionals.


SESSION 4. The birth: bringing the mind and body together. 

  • How to bring your mind and body throughout all the stages of labour: a step by step approach.

  • The role of your birth partner and simple massage techniques, prompts and support strategies he/she can use on the day.

  • What happens during a caesarean and how to make it a positive experience.

  • The golden hour or how to welcome your baby in the best possible way.